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Arctic Aviation
Arctic Aviation

Svartisen Tour

Join us on a journey to Nordlands most beautiful hidden gems. Landscapes so amazing that it will mark your soul. This tour is filled to the brim with breathtaking sites and experiences. 




You can expect to see untamed nature with alpine mountainscapes, long fjords and the second largest glacier of the Kingdom. Vibrant coastal areas, ivory white beaches and islands scattered towards the horizon.

The trip starts out from Bodø. Just after take-off you will be amazed with the view of the vibrant city and its surrounding landscapes . Our route takes us along the Salten Fjord, which stretches roughly 80 kilometers inland, from Fleinvær in the west to Rognan in the east !

You will be able to get a birdseye view of the breathtaking Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest sea current. Incredibly, 400.000.000m3 of salt water flow through a 3km long and 150m narrow passage towards Skjerstadfjorden every 6 hours !

This sea current reaches its peak intensity every 6 hours and forms whirlpools that can reach up to 10m in diameter and can get ut to 5m deep.

The breathtaking view of Børvasstindan will now appear to us. A mountain range that resembles wolves teeth, with their jagged edges and pointy peaks.

On our journey we will pass several smaller glaciers, deep green valleys, before we reach Glomvatnet, which is one of the large water reservoirs for the hydroelectrical power plants.

In front of us now is Svartisen glacier, with its enormous 370km2 area and 60 spectacular glacier arms. 

From the Svartisen Glacier we return to the coastline where the vast blue ocean is interspersed with magnificent islands filled with wildlife. 

The return back to Bodø takes us over areas where we can fantasize about stories of trolls and other mythological creatures

Join us on a truly breathtaking flight through one of the least spoiled regions on earth !


The duration of this flight takes aorund 60-70 minutes.


Price per passenger: NOK 5880,-

Minimum 2 passengers

Private flight (5 seats): NOK 24700,-

Prices include VAT