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Arctic Aviation
Arctic Aviation

Bodø Peninsula

This tour will take you around the spectacular Bodø peninsula, including Sjunkhatten national park and Kjerringøy island.

The peninsula is known for its beautiful landscapes, including majestic mountains, white sand beaches and magical islands. 
This area never disappoints with its colorful and stunning view.

Kjerringøy is shielded from the relentless ocean by several smaller islands.

With its fertile soil and fjords full of fish, this place has attracted settlement since the iron age. From the air we will be able to see one of Norways best preserved trading posts, with houses originating from the 18th century.                    

We will get a great view of Steigtinden which is one of Bodø´s prominent mountains with its breathtaking vertical faces. A perspective only experienced by the soaring eagles or from the helicopter.

From here on we continue on our adventure and fly through Sjunkhatten National Park. A grand mountain massif with smooth and steep cliffs.                    

With a little luck we might be able to spot grazing sheep, reindeer or the king of the sky - the eagle.


The duration of the flight is 45-50 minutes.

Price per passenger 4410,-  

Minimum 2 passengers
Private Flight (5 seats) 18500,- 
Prices include VAT.